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Monday 20 May 2024
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Panel Discussion on “Exploring the Place for Micro-credentials in Hong Kong”

Time/Venue: 26 November 2021 (Friday) at 11:00am–12:00nn (HK TIME), via Zoom


Panel members
(1) Prof. Michael Sankey, Director Learning Futures & Lead Education Architect, Charles Darwin University, Australia;
(2) Prof. Mark Brown, Director of the National Institute for Digital Learning, Dublin City University, Ireland;
(3) Mr Ivan Wong, Public Sector Head (HK & Macau), LinkedIn, Singapore; and
(4) Prof. Mairead Nic Giolla Mhichil, Professor Information Technology, Director of Micro-Credential Strategy and Innovation and Head of DCU Studio, Senior Research Fellow NIDL
Moderator – Peter Duffy

Description: The idea of Micro-Credentialing relates to offering flexible and extended learning pathways for academic staff and students and creates an ongoing learning partnership with the institution both before and during UG study, as well as across PG study and beyond.

“In skills, education and training policy around the world, micro-credentials are increasingly being positioned as a solution to a wide range of economic, labour market, and social challenges. Broadly defined, they are stackable, industry-aligned short units of learning designed to help individuals form specific skills and signal those skills to employers”.
REFERENCE OCED – https://www.oecd-forum.org/posts/micro-credentials-the-new-frontier-of-adult-education-and-training

The growing use of micro-credentials is an outcome of the changing nature of the labour market and of growing uncertainty as to what work will look like in the future. Fewer ‘jobs for life’ now exist, and employers demand flexibility and quick reactions to changing circumstances. Micro-credentials are particularly useful as a response to the changing education and economic realities due to Covid-19. In this situation, as they allow for tailored, quick and accessible skills (re)development. This panel will explore the place for micro-credentialing in Hong Kong from various perspectives.

More Details available here – https://www.ln.edu.hk/tlc/news/events/innovation-week-2021