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Monday 20 May 2024
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Thriving @ HKU: Open Doors to Happiness

Near the International Day of Happiness, our WeThrive team at T&LEMU presented the campus campaign Thriving @ HKU: Open Doors to Happiness, in collaboration with the Common Core and CEDARS. Three groups of student ambassadors led interactive activities (i.e., card-based storytelling game, role-play, and AI art creation) around the theme of academic resilience and social resilience. Many positive resonances were received from students throughout the campaign.

A newly released video Light of Thriving premiered at the beginning of the event. It was followed by student-led activities. In the first session I got a B! Building resilience through challenging negative thoughts, students actively engaged in the card game and reflected on their thinking traps through storytelling. Following that, two student ambassadors prepared a series of interactive games in the second session Hard to make friends? Taking relationships to the next level by learning how to respond, helping students learn active constructive responding through collaborative role-play. In the third session Missing a daily dose of happiness? Counting blessings by creating artwork using AI, students were guided in creating artwork through artificial intelligence. This encouraged them to count daily blessings and savour grateful moments in life.

As part of the campaign, students chatted together with Dr. Maggie Zhao, T&LEMU Director and Thriving @ HKU Leader, on the topic of happiness and resilience to celebrate the International Day of Happiness.

The event inspired students to build up resilience and navigate challenges towards a thriving and fulfilling university journey.