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Thursday 25 July 2024
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The Development of Generic Skills: A Curriculum Design Framework adapting Student and Teacher Perspectives and Approaches to Learning in a Discipline-specific Context for Hong Kong Higher Education

Researchers: Dr. Cecilia Chan, Prof. Michael Prosser

Funding body: General Research Fund from the University Grants Committee

Timeline: 2011 – 2014

This proposed project aims to enhance the understanding of students’ and teachers’ perceptions of generic skills and the current teaching approaches in two specific disciplines in higher education. Surveys and interviews will be conducted. The perceived effectiveness of the teaching and learning activities employed in respect to learning transfer, student engagement and feasibility will also be identified. A summary of a curriculum design framework for the development of generic skills in the specific disciplines will be derived from the findings, and from adapting previous student learning experience models, which are often focused on and used in a subject-knowledge context rather than a generic skills context. The outcomes of the project will make tremendous contributions to all knowledge-based societies.