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Friday 12 April 2024
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2018 Employer Survey Key Findings

HKU regularly conducts survey to understand the major employers’ impression on HKU graduates. In the 2018 Survey on Opinions of Major Employers of Bachelor’s Degree HKU Graduates on Key Aspects of Performance and Achievement of HKU’s Educational Aims (the 2018 Employer Survey), organisations which had conducted recruitment activities at HKU or had posted graduate job openings at CEDARS job board in the past two years were invited to complete the survey.

Highlights of Findings

  • Employers rated positively overall, with mean scores (in a 5-point Likert-scale) of 3.76 on Overall Performance of HKU Graduates; and 3.79 on Satisfaction with the Quality of HKU Graduates.
  • In terms of agreement percentages on job performance, more than half of respondents agreed that HKU graduates always / sometimes exceed the required standard on 40 out of the 57 items. The three highest performance ratings were related to language proficiency: Oral English proficiency, Oral Cantonese proficiency, and Comprehension of verbal and written communication.
  • Similar trend has been observed when comparing to the survey conducted in 2012 with the same focus (the 2012 Employer Survey). In terms of the achievement of HKU’s educational aims, employers rated highest in graduates achievements in Collaboration, Communication and Upholding personal and professional ethics (Figure 1).

Faculties are welcome to contact Dr. Maggie Zhao at myzhao@hku.hk for support in interpreting and utilising survey data, and Ms. Yvonne Chan at chanyyw@hku.hk for general enquiry.


Agreement Percentages on Graduates’ Achievement of HKU Educational Aims
Figure 1. Agreement Percentages on Graduates’ Achievement of HKU Educational Aims